Vivid Custom Sumps - 30" Length
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Our Custom Vivid Sumps include a glued on lid over the drain down chamber and a removable lid over the filter socks to keep the water in your sump, and your cabinet clean. 

  • 18" wide sumps include sumps include 2 - 200 micron filter socks. 
  • 24" & 30" wide sumps include 3 - 200 micron filter socks 
  • 36" wide sumps include 4 - 200 micron filter socks 
Filter socks are easy to change because the drain lines are plumbed into the glued on lid over the drain down chamber. We can pre-drill your drain intakes to accommodate different size drains. Since these are custom built we can move around the dividers as you desire without affecting the price. We can trim down any measurements as requested without affecting the price.

Please allow 4-5 weeks from order confirmation until delivery. These sumps must ship via freight carriers. You must pay freight in addition to the sump cost. The website will not quote shipping charges for these sumps. Just call us for a freight quote at 800-993-0979. There is no shipping cost if you pick up your sump at our store in Canoga Park, CA.