Tunze Multicontroller 7096
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TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 is a control device for all Turbelle® and Stream® pumps fitted with an electronic motor, which can be adjusted by computer when attached by USB cable.

It features a 8-Bit high-performance microprocessor with memory maintaining the settings in the case of a power failure. When selecting the settings on the controller from a computer, the Multicontroller does not have to be connected to the pumps. Upon completion and saving of the set-up on the computer, the data will also be saved in the Multicontroller.

The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 features the functions of Multicontroller 7095 and Wavecontroller 7092 as well as some new control options. It simulates the different ocean current conditions in the aquarium and features a bright LED moonlight.

7096 Multicontroller with photo-electric cell, moonlight, and 5 m (196.8 in.) USB cable, four connection cables, CD with Windows compatible control program. Suitable for MS-Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista.

Download the manufacturer instructions .PDF

Pulse Mode Wave Simulation:
Set maximum and minimum velocities as well as pulse duration. Creates natural alternating currents ideal for smaller aquariums with only one controllable pump. Two pumps can be set to pulse together or in inverse mode.

Interval Mode Tide Simulation:
Generally best mode for two pumps on opposite sides of the aquarium. As one pump pulses between two set powers, other stays on low speed. The pumps then swap roles based on setting, from minutes up to hours. Also useful for creating gyro currents.

Sequential Mode Surges and Swelling Currents:
Used with three or more pumps, generally in larger tanks. Pumps are triggered cumulatively. Pump one begins, then Pump two is added to that, then Pump three is added together with One and Two and so forth. Timings set by user.

Random Flow
Combination of Pulse Mode and Sequential Mode.

Oscillating Mode
Pump channels can be used as Wave Controller with automatic search of resonance frequency. Oscillating mode switches between Pulse Mode pumps and Waveboxes.

Food Timer
Allow all pups to be stopped at the push of button. Pumps restarts automatically after a period of roughly ten minutes (or adjustable time period on 7096). During food timer operation, all pumps twitch periodically to keep small fish from entering pumps.

Moonlight with Moon Phase Simulation
Natural, soft white moonlight with 29-Day cycle of waxing and waning. Can be synchronized with actual moon phases.

Night Mode Operation
Option to have pumps and Waveboxes run at lowest speed automatically whenever main aquarium lights are off. Triggered by photocell built into moonlight.

Storm Desedimentation
Can be set to run at intervals of hours to days. Runs pumps in short, aggressive mode to stir any settled detritus.