Tunze Multicontroller 7095
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Main Features

  • Wave simulation function
  • Tidal current control
  • Night mode operation including photoelectric cell
  • Sequential pump circuit
  • Random flow
  • Foodtimer
  • Control up to 4 of the controllable Tunze Nanostream or Stream 2 powerheads individually.
  • Use a Y adapter (7092.34) to control up to 8 controllable Tunze powerheads in pairs.
New functions
  • Waterproof membrane keypad on new housing
  • LED moonlight with 29-day moon phase including universal mount
  • Display of the capacity of the pump connected

Tunze Multicontroller 7095 is a digital control unit for all controllable Tunze Nanostream and Stream powerheads. It allows you to simulate various marine current conditions in the aquarium. Multicontroller 7095 can control up to eight controllable Tunze powerheads, and contains an LED moonlight with a 29-day moon phase. A wavebox 6212 can also be controlled by the Multicontroller. The clearly arranged operating panel with a waterproof membrane keypad and adjusting knobs ensures a precise and practice-oriented operation. The output of the controlled pumps is shown by an LED display indicating from 30 to 100 percent.

Includes four connecting cables 7092.30 and a photo-electric cell, permitting a near-natural current control with up to four Tunze controllable powerheads. Use the Y adapter 7092.34 (purchased separately) to connect up to eight Tunze controllable powerheads which are controlled in pairs. Two interval functions for tidal current control with alternating on/off switch function of the pumps or alternating operation of pump capacity.

Download the manufacturer instructions .PDF