Tropic Marin Sea Salt
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Tropic Marin

  • Our fellow hobbyists and friends, along with us, have used numerous brands of aquarium salt.
  • The brands Vivid Aquariums sells are the brands that have performed the best under the watchful eyes of ourselves, and the hobbyists we know.
  • We do not sell salt mixes that we have not tested and approved.
  • Tropic Marin sea salt is manufactured from pharmaceutically pure salts and is based upon the most recent scientific analysis of the tropical oceans. It is free from synthetic additives and contains no nitrates, phosphates or silicates.
  • Tropic Marin Sea Salt contains all 70 trace elements in the natural concentrations of the ocean. No more, no less. Because of the unique application of the mixed salt crystals, the trace elements remain completely usable in the water.
  • For over 30 years, Tropic Marin Sea Salt has been and is still the only sea salt in the world produced under scientific supervision in the most modern facilities designed for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceuticals. All batches of Tropic Marin undergo stringent quality control in test laboratories. Production and testing is done according to the criteria for the quality management certification ISO 9000.
  • This is a top-quality salt mix that is dry and dissolves easily.