SpectraPure Multiple Tank Liquid Level Replenisher
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SpectraPure Multiple Tank Liquid Replenishers are the most advanced means of controlling liquid levels on multiple reservoirs and is ideal for replenishing evaporated water in aquariums or liquids in other constant level containers. A sensitive air pressure switch opens a solenoid valve when the liquid level drops approximately 1% and closes it when the liquid level rises back to its original level.

  • For automatic replenishment of evaporated liquid and liquid level control on multiple tanks, sumps or reservoir systems.
  • Safe low-voltage operation.
  • Automatically turns off in the event of a power failure.
  • Longer membrane and filter life.
  • 5 feet of Remote Sensor Tubing provided(custom lengths available).
  • Additional switched 24 volts AC outlet for controlling booster pump or other 24 volts AC operated devices.
  • Safety backup float.
  • Research at SpectraPure shows that the Multiple Tank Liquid Replenisher provides a significant advantage over conventional float and back-pressure activated automatic shut-off valves by maximizing the duration of membrane operation. This minimizes the build up of impurities due to membrane creep (the small amount of impure water that is a characteristic of the membrane at the onset of pure water production).

    All wetted components are constructed of inert and salt-water safe materials. Power is provided by a plug-in 24 volts AC (UL listed and CSA approved) transformer.

    The multiple reservoir model comes with the unit which includes a switched 24 volts AC outlet for controlling a booster pump or other 24 volts AC operated devices, compression fittings, 5 feet of tubing for remote mounting of the sensor, a turbo bladder, auto shutoff valve, ball valve, check valves and fittings and one float valve for one additional reservoir.

    The system may be expanded to include more reservoirs by adding the optional Float Kit (see table below). For additional overflow protection, a secondary mechanical float is also included with every Multiple Tank Liquid Replenisher.