SpectraPure Booster Pump Kit w/ Auto Level Control for 60-100gpd R.O. System
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High Flow Booster Pump Assembly w/ Liquid Level Control Operation, 115VAC - This kit provides a Liquid Level Controller for a single reservoir. The Booster Pump will automatically shut down when the water level, in the reservoir, becomes full. (Kit comes with a 2 ft Patch Cord to connect the Booster Pump to the Liquid Level Control Box.)

- Increases line pressure to any 60-100gpd Line Pressure fed RO or DI Systems 
- Add-on to existing RO, RO/DI Drinking Water Systems (DWS?) or Permeate Pump Drinking Water Systems (DWS-PP?) 
- Boost incoming pressure to 80 psi for enhanced production and increased purity 
- Can be operated in any position 
- Whisper quiet 
- Advanced diaphragm technology and improved bearings extend pump life and lower noise 
- Sealed pump design protects from moisture and prolongs motor life 
- Adjustable pressure output

A pressure gauge is necessary to monitor the booster pump pressure. If your system does not have a pressure gauge, purchase a Spectrapure Pressure Gauge Kit. If the transformer cord is not long enough, you can purchase the Patch Cord Assembly. (Comes with booster pump, fittings solenoid box with pressure switch, air-line tubing and transformer).