Reef Fishes Vol. 1
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Covers 68 families and thousands of species of fishes. Designed to be a lifelong reference for aquarists and divers.

This volume covers coral reef habitats and fish families with detailed information on the following groups:

  • Moray Eels, Conger & Garden Eels, Snake Eels, Eel Catfishes, Lizardfishes, Livebearing Brotulas, Toadfishes, Frogfishes, Walking Batfishes, Flashlight Fishes, Pineapple Fishes, Squirrelfishes, Soldierfishes, Trumpetfishes, Sea Moths, Ghost Pipefishes, Seahorses, Pipefishes, Shrimpfishes, Coral Crouchers, Waspfishes, Scorpionfishes, Lionfishes, Flatheads, Helmet Gurnards, Dwarf Seabasses, Hamlets, and Anthias.
  • An accurate, visually appealing reference guide to reef fishes from around the world.
  • 624 pages, © 2001, paperback or hardcover