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Real Reef Rock is our standard reef building rock. It comes in a variety of sizes from small to show size custom. It is very light, porous and full of holes and crevices. It is three dimensional in shape and comes in many natural shades of purple, pink and red. It replicates the look, feel and function of coralline encrusted coral skeleton rock. It’s made from all natural reef eco friendly materials and grown in greenhouses to become a bio-active rock, without the nuisance pests and hitch hikers commonly found on wild rock. This rock is great for Marine Reef and Fish only aquariums. Not suggested for Freshwater, as it holds a high stable pH.

Currently our primary goal is to provide the Marine Aquarium Hobby with a 100% farm raised wild rock alternative, produced in America with zero environmental impact to the World’s coral reefs. Our second goal within the next 2 years is to release a full line of environmentally friendly habitat products for the freshwater aquarium, reptile and small animal market.

Real Reef™ is a made of 100% natural marine friendly ingredients. Its components are made of the same building blocks which wild coral and living reef rock are composed of. The ingredients are not taken from the ocean and as a result there is zero environmental impact to the world’s coral reefs or marine habitat. Our product is also grown here in the U.S. in closed systems, which also avoids additional environmental impact to the ocean environment via mariculture or ocean farming. Real Reef™ is made through a proprietary process of over 13 steps which we have filed method and utility patents on.

The end result is a 100% natural eco friendly Live Rock alternative for the consumer, made and grown in the U.S.A product that consistently looks better than any of its wild or ocean cultured counterparts. It is a manufactured farmed product which offers consistent production, quality, profit margin and distribution for the retailer. Every piece is beautiful and pest free. Our rock doesn’t have the issues of Wild or ocean farmed rock, such as; parasites, nuisance algae, bristle worms, crabs, aiptasia, flatworms, mantis shrimp, dying sponge, anaerobic dead spots, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other undesirables on wild or ocean farmed rock.

The end result is a product that offers the hobbyist a user friendly product with the basic building blocks to start a modern Reef or Fish only aquarium. A calcium carbonate based eco-friendly rock seeded with beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria, Micro algae’s and Coralline algae’s with no pests or nuisance algae. It offers great buffer ability and alkalinity, not to mention many trace elements. It’s a product that truly allows the hobbyist to have an increased chance of success. It keeps the hobby easy and keeps the consumer in the hobby!

The best part is it has great point of sale as we add a non-toxic water based pigment to the rock, so it always looks beautiful and purple dead or alive. So rather than having bleached white rock in your stores, you can have rock that always looks purple and it is color that sells! It also allows the consumer to have the instant gratification of some nice purple live rock, whilst setting up their new aquarium. In essence it looks good during the cycle and even better as the hobbyist reef matures in time. It not only looks great in a reef aquarium, just as nice in a fish only aquarium.