Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix
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Brightwell Aquatics

  • Extensively-researched and tested over multi-year period, with a formulation based on current understanding of marine chemistry and marine biology as they pertain to the husbandry of all marine aquaria.
  • Precision formulated to replicate the natural seawater ratios of every major element, as well as all non-conservative minor and trace elements.
  • 134 g per US-gallon of purified water yields a specific gravity of 1.025g/cm3, with a ph of ~8.30 and alkalinity of ~7.5 dKH.
  • Manufactured by Brightwell Aquatics in our production facility (not outsourced) under the strictest standards of quality. Every batch is lot numbered and sampled for quality control.
  • Utilizes a production process that promotes particle size unifomity and dry, homogenous salt blend.
  • Formulated by marine scientist; not composed of seawater evaporite
  • On average, 75F water that has the proper amount of NeoMarine added to increase the specific gravity to 1.025 ppm will clear in less than 15-minutes with vigorous mixing, however when mixing a large batch (50-gallons) all at once it may take longer for the mix to completely clear.