JBJ Arctica Commercial Chillers
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JBJ Lighting's Arctica-Commerical Series are specifically designed for coldwater systems that must be kept constant at 59 degrees F. Their Titanium "Helix" make this ideal for fresh or saltwater applications. These chillers range from 1/2 HP to 3 HP and provide the same powerful cooling performance with a remote Auto IC Temperature Control System.

Advanced Features

Titanium "Helix" Heat Exchanger
Unique titanium coil design allows for maximum contact exposure. The absolute best element for heat exchange and corrosion resistance on the market.

Energy Efficiency
These units provide the highest BTU (British Thermal Units) heat removal capacity with the lowest amperage draw.

Full Auto IC Digital LED Control System
This state-of-the-art digital LED thermostat system will automatically control your temperature within +1/-1 Fahrenheit from your desired set point. Bright LED allows for constant temperature reading with an "easy" calibration function. We have even added a "Thermal Chip" in the control system that will prevent the heat exchanger from freezing due to controller failure or low water flow. Our Smart-Chip will store and reset the controller in case of a power failure.

"Easy Hook-Up"
Our unique design allows the unit to be "hooked-up" without any tools or hard plumbing. We offer commercial grade compression fittings to be used with 1" & 1.25" PVC. These watertight fittings will handle up to a maximum working pressure of 25 PSI.

Lowest Noise and Vibration Level
Our commercial series chillers provide the lowest noise and vibration level in the "industrial" classification.

Side Handles
ABS molded handles allow for easy lifting and moving.

1 Year Warranty
JBJ warranties all commercial chillers for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

Download the manufacturer manual .PDF

These chillers must ship via freight carriers. You must pay freight in addition to the chiller cost. The website will only quote a few dollars of shipping charges for these chillers. Just call us for a freight quote at 800-993-0979. There is no shipping cost if you pick up your chiller at our store in Canoga Park, CA.

Model Amps W x D x H Outlet / Inlet Size Weight
1/2HP 115V 5.1 21" x 14" x 15" 1" 55 lbs
1/2HP 230V 2.9 21" x 14" x 15" 1" 55 lbs
1HP 230V 5.5 26" x 15" x 19" 1" 79 lbs
1.5HP 230V 8.8 26" x 15" x 19" 1" 84 lbs
2HP 230V 11 26" x 15" x 36" 1 1/4" 126 lbs
3HP 230V 16 26" x 15" x 36" 1 1/4" 138 lbs
Model Rec. Aquarium Size BTU/h Flow Rate
1/2HP 115V 150 gal 6,000 480 - 800 gph
1/2HP 230V 150 gal 6,000 480-800 gph
1HP 230V 250 gal 12,000 636 - 954 gph
1.5HP 230V 400 gal 18,000 960 - 1440 gph
2HP 230V 530 gal 24,000 1320 - 1920 gph
3HP 230V 800 gal 36,000 1920-2280 gph