Hydor Koralia Magnum
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The new Hydor KORALIA Magnum models 5, 6, 7 and 8 guarantee unbelievable performance for probably the lowest power consumption of any pump on the market. Equipped with an electronic start up system, new technologic rotors and propeller, compact in size, these new models will quickly become leaders in their flow categories (6.500, 8.500, 10.500, 12.500 l/hr). KORALIA MAGNUMs have a pleasant design and come with a powerful magnet-suction cup support that rotates to direct water flow easily. KORALIAs can be positioned safely glass, anywhere in the aquarium.

Why is my Koralia Magnum impeller not spinning?

The Koralia Magnum impeller rides on 2 bushings. If the bushings are stuck to the magnetic shaft, then the impeller will not spin. Unplug the unit and remove the impeller to clean the bushings. One is located near the top on the impeller and is hidden by the black wing. The second contacts the bottom of the magnet. Once the bushings are clean, reinstall everything and plugg the unit back in.

Model Watts GPH Fresh water Salt water
Koralia Magnum 5 8 1650 110 - 180 gal 70 - 110 gal
Koralia Magnum 6 10 2200 150 - 250 gal 90 - 150 gal
Koralia Magnum 7 12 2700 180 - 300 gal 110 - 180 gal
Koralia Magnum 8 18 3250 220 - 360 gal 130 - 220 gal