Spectrapure Float Level Controller
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Float Level Controller for use with 90 gpd CSP & CSPDI systems.

Spectra Pure Float Level Controller provides an economical way to automatically fill open reservoir storage tanks. The automatic shut-off valve in conjunction with the mini-bladder provides positive shut-off and completely shuts off the waste water and product water lines, thus conserving water.åÊ

  • For unattended filling of tanks and reservoirs.
  • Positive shut-off - completely shuts off all waste & product water.
  • Use for the automatic filling of multiple open reservoir storage tanks.
  • Reservoirs can be located as much as 50 feet away from the RO or RO/DI system.
  • The Float Level Controller includes ASO valve, stainless steel float, check valve, mini-bladder tank, a straight ball valve, tubing and necessary fittings. Buy one Float Kit for filling every additional sump or reservoir. Our Float Kit includes a stainless steel float, union T and other necessary fittings. The installation of float requires a 9/16" mounting hole in the tank

    Note: The Float Level Controller is not recommended for evaporation replacement in aquariums.