Ultra-Precise Auto-Top-Off System w/ Magnetic Probe Holder - LLC-UPLC-ATO
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SpectraPure®'s Ultra Precise Auto Top Off System with Magnetic Probe Holder - LLC-UPLC-ATO-115

    • For the Aquarium purist, this high quality auto top off (ATO) system will insure that your aquarium water level is maintained.
    • Coupled with our SpectraPure® LiterMeter™ III, Programmable 3 Channel Precision Dosing System and SpectraPure®’s new MaxCap® 90 GPD 5-Stage High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis/Deionization system, you can be sure that your aquarium water medium is optimally maintained for all of your marine life.
    • You can be sure, when you purchase SpectraPure®'s full line of Aquarium Products.