Cool Water Pond Fish Food
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Specific protein: Our unique manufacturing process which delivers protein bound amino acids to the fish which are highly utilized resulting in enhanced growth, and reduced waste.

Natural Zeolite is a microporous mineral well known for its adsorption properties that has the ability to remove the toxic ammonia waste excreted by fish into water, resulting in cleaner water.

Immune Support: Specific ingredients such as garlic, vitamins, anti-oxidants and Bio-Mos a prebiotic yeast, were selected to enhance fish performance, improve fish health, well-being and longer life.100% complete and balanced nutrition supplemented with polycheate worms to increase palatability, pea protein to improve digestibility, marigold ‘Tagetes’ to provide natural carotenoids to bring out the colors of your fish.

Feeding guideWhen the water temperature is above 59°F: Feed your fish 2 or 3 times a day.Only feed them as much as they eat within 5 to 10 minutes.