Bubble Magus NAC5E Hang on Back Protein Skimmer
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Bubble Magus

Bubble-Magus skimmers are practical and highly efficient. These skimmers offer innovative features along with reliable pumps at an affordable price, which makes them a great value.

The BM-NAC5E skimmer has all the right features to make a great hang-on skimmer. These features include: a needle wheel pump with a venturi intake that produces just the right amount and size of air bubbles, an air silencer for quiet operation, a collection cup drain to reduce cleaning frequency, a new union connector to allow quick pump removal, and a bubble-trap output to minimize air bubbles getting back to your aquarium.

Bubble Magus NAC5E Hang-On Skimmer Specifications
  • Tank Capability: 80G-135G
  • Pump: ph2000
  • Air intake: 450L/H
  • Pump power: 28W, 110V 60Hz
  • Cylinder Diameter: 5"
  • Dimensions: 11.8"L x 6.3"W x 20.5"H