ATI Essentials PRO Complete 2 Part Dosing System
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An Aquarium Support System of the Latest Generation

Developed in the laboratory and formulated by using advanced analytics to the typical consumption of a tropical reef aquarium. With ATI Lab Essentials range of products you get a complete support system that can be easily tailored to the needs of your aquarium. ATI Essentials include in addition to calcium, magnesium, carbonates all essential trace elements and thus fully support the biology of your aquarium.

The formulation has been carefully developed in the laboratory and optimised with advanced analytics to be composed only of high-purity raw materials. This ensures that ATI Essentials is a first class and safe product for the care of your coral reef aquarium.

With the balanced formulation of ATI Essentials, partial water changes to correct water chemistry or compensate for trace elements are no longer completely necessary, thus stability of all essential elements can be achieved. The benefits of this will be visible in the health and growth of the corals. So you will have more time to enjoy your aquarium whilst using the ATI Essentials.


  • Fully balanced all essential elements supplied
  • Fully measurable and controllable dosing to complete stability
  • Carbonate (KH) and Calcium + Magnesium individually adjustable
  • Better results with more growth and vivid colours
  • No regular water changes necessary
  • Affordable Maintenance