ASM G Series Protein Skimmers
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We love these skimmers and so will you! Very simple and effective design make the ASM G Series skimmers our top choice for larger aquariums. They produce a very thick foam- sucking even the smallest particles of waste out of your aquarium water. No skimmer is easier to adjust. Just raise or lower the overflow pipe to adjust the height of the bubbles.

  • The overflow pipe sucks water from the bottom of the skimmer chamber and spills it out through a sponge filter that breaks up any air bubbles.
  • Includes a very dependable Sedra needlewheel pump.
  • Easily removable collection cup and top cone make cleaning this skimmer a breeze.
  • Easy to install. Simply place in your sump, plug in, and adjust the overflow tube. That's it.
  • These skimmers must be placed in the sump - make sure you have enough space.
Model Tank Size Base Height x Diam
Mini-G up to 80 gal 6 x 11" 16.6 x 4.5"
G1-X up to 150 gal 8.5 x 10.5" 22.5 x 6.5"
G-2 up to 200 gal 10 x 11" 21.25 x 6.5"
G-3 up to 250 gal 11 x 12" 25 x 6.5"
G-4 up to 350 gal 11.5 x 16" 24 x 8.5"
G-4+ up to 450 gal 13 x 14" 30 x 8.5"
G-5 up to 700 gal 16 x 17" 36 x 8.5"