Clear For Life Acrylic Bio-fil Sumps
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Clear For Life

Bio-fil sumps provide a drip plate where you can place filter pad to trap waste from the water entering the sump. We suggest placing bio balls or pieces of live rock in the chamber(s) below the drip plate to create a biological filter. Water from the bio chamber(s) passes through a sponge filter into the open chamber. You may place in-sump protein skimmers and/ or submersible pumps in the open chamber. For in-line pumps you may drill a hole in the side of the sump, and use a bulkhead to connect the pump to the sump.

Model Dimensions
Bio-fil 60 20 x 8.5 x 16"
Bio-fil 125 24 x 12.5 x 16"
Bio-fil 180 30 x 12.5 x 16"
Bio-fil 240 30 x 125 x 16"
Bio-fil 360 36 x 12.5 x 20"