175 Watt Ushio Metal Halide Bulb
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  • All metal halide bulbs produce a beautiful shimmering light.
  • Choose 10K, 14K, or 20K metal halide bulb.
  • The Kelvin (K) value of a MH bulb describes the color of the light the bulb produces.
  • Bulbs with a higher K value emit more blue than bulbs with a lower K value.
  • We recommend using a 10K or 14K halide bulb for most reef aquariums.
  • 20K bulbs are often used alone without additional actinic light.

This bulb is white with a blue tint on a magnetic HQI ballast. It will burn more blue on an electronic ballast or standard magnetic ballast. This bulb will work with a standard magnetic ballast, magnetic pulse-start ballast or electronic ballast.