What does "premium" dog food mean?

premium dog food

There are a lot of dog food varieties to choose from like limited ingredient, grain-free, holistic, healthy joints and so on, but does it make a difference for your pet? Yes! We believe so; therefore, we only offer premium dog foods at Vivid Pet Supplies.

Defining "premium"

Premium dog foods cater to age, dietary and health needs. And unlike low quality foods that use cheap fillers, premium dog foods are formulated with precise ingredients.

Why premium?

With a balanced diet, all dogs can live up to their potential. 

Feeding your dog low quality food is like eating junk food every day. It tastes great and fills you up, but provides little to no nutrition.

In addition, premium brands are higher in protein so your dog will need to eat less, thus offsetting the cost over buying cheap, low grade food. 

Types of premium dog food

  • Age-specific (Puppy/Adult/Senior)
  • Lifestyle (Active/Indoor)
  • Grain-Free
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Weight Control
  • Remedies (like easy to digest food for irritable stomachs)

Health benefits

Consult your pet’s veterinarian about any dietary-caused problems that need to be addressed. The following are some common benefits of premium dog food.

Hip problems
Food and treats high in glucosamine are used to help joint pain and arthritis in dogs.

Dry, itchy skin
Many large and purebred dogs are susceptible to dry, itchy skin because they are allergic to grain, chicken or other ingredients. Various limited ingredient formulas, which minimize the number of ingredients dogs are exposed to, can solve such problems.

Weight control
Weight-control formulas cut back on fat to promote a healthy weight, especially for less active dogs. Remember, overweight dogs like people can have many health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

There are also some foods that help dogs grow, like puppy formulas.

Moreover, premium dog food formulas come in a variety of flavors so that picky eaters can still consume the right vitamins.

Healthy coat
Diet can greatly affect a dog’s coat. Foods that are balanced with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can give your pet a smooth, shiny coat.