Hydor H2shOw Bubble Maker
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Improve aquarium aeration and water movement while minimizing energy use and maintenance. Features an enhanced design that protects the rotor from substrate and debris that can obstruct or impair performance. Special rotor and channeled casing generate a flurry of air bubbles that improve aquarium water quality and aesthetics. Enjoy a dramatic column of sparkling air bubbles while providing oxygen-rich water movement essential for a healthy aquarium environment. The Hydor Bubble Maker measures approximately 1-3/4 x 2-1/4in x 2-1/2in high. Base measures 3-1/4in x 4in and features an airline tubing router. 70 gph flowrate. Features a mounting pin for convenient installation of the optional Hydor LED Light for brilliant light effects. For use at a suggested depth no greater than 18in deep.